There is a vast difference between attending a worship service and actually worshipping.  Real worship is a living connection between the individual and God.  In many ways your personal worship should be more vital and vigorous than your corporate worship.  At the tomb of Lazarus Jesus gave us a glimpse of his worshipping relationship with the Father.  In John 11:41-42, Jesus closes out the crowds and speaks to the Father as He looks to the heavens.  He obviously has also heard from the Father.  His attitude is that of a glorious connection with heaven.  His face is uplifted.  His words are victorious.  He will come from that moment of worship empowered with a voice that raises the dead.  He worshipped aloud.  He gave thanks aloud.  Spend time at least once a day looking toward the heavens.  Sing to the Lord.  Praise and thank Him.  Glorify him for his promises and blessings.  Shout if you are free to do so.  (Autos make good places for shouts of praise in areas of crowded populations.)  You to can come from the place of worship strengthened and emboldened.

Dan Wooldridge

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