Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Ann Redding was a minister in the Episcopal Church for thirty years.  For a brief time she was an Episcoplian minister who was a practicing Muslim.  The church defrocked her.  I can almost hear the insane voices of our day shouting “intolerant” that the Episcopal Church would do such a thing as take away her credentials.  More than ever before those who want to follow Jesus had better carefully scrutinize spiritual leaders.  There is a spirituality loose in our culture that has nothing to do with truth.  No one who ever discovered Jesus in all of His glory could under any circumstance become a Muslim.  Any former Christian who professes to have converted to Islam never really understood the Christian faith.  (And likely does not understand Islam either.)  Imagine those who lived under Ann’s leadership.  Didn’t Jesus say something about “the blind leading the blind”.  Ask hard questions of those who lead you.  Learn about their values.  Ask them to talk to you about their view of salvation.  Ask them what they believe about Jesus Christ.  Ask them about thier view of his birth, death, and resurrection.  Don’t let them get away with metaphorical answers.  The excuse that you didn’t know you were following a wolf won’t be adequate when you stand before the Lord.

Dan Wooldridge

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