Witness to the World

The whole world starts with you.  You are inevitably at the center of the world as you know it.  Every other person on earth exists in circles of contact with you at the epicenter.  Those closest to you are not always those nearest to you.  The closest people in your life are those who know you best.  As we move out into our world we encounter those who are total strangers. 

So what is the point?  When you hear Jesus say “go into all the world . . .” realize that your world starts very close to your home and your heart.  If every person who knows Jesus would just take responsibility for their world of relationships this could be the greatest year for reaching people in history.  Sit down and make long lists of people.  Note on the list those that you are certain to be Christians, those who you think are Christians, and those you doubt are Christians or flatly are not Christians.  Pray for all of them, but pray specifically for the last two groups.  Pray that God will open their hearts.  For those that show little evidence pray that they may be drawn near to the Lord.  Ask God to use you in some way in these lives.  Then develop a strategy.  Write out a well thought out testimony of what the Lord has done in your life and what He means to you.  Send it in a letter, note, or e-mail to those people on your list and tell them that you just wanted them to know.  Wait for responses.  Pray while you wait.  Follow up.  Make appointments.  Make phone calls.  Pray.  Watch what God does.  One man to whom I made this suggestion had the privilege of leading and 80 year old relative to Christ.  It all started with a letter.  How can we ever reach the world if you won’t reach out to yours?


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