Shannon and I are blessed beyond measure by your kindness and generosity toward us. The gift of a new truck was overwhelming. The many gifts and kind words that Shannon and I have received were amazing and humbling. Greater than all are the relationships and friendships that God has brought to us in these twenty years. You are an amazing church. We are thankful for your loving ways in ministry and service to the Lord as well as to us. We pray that your kindness toward us will only further serve the cause of bring glory to Jesus as we share him with one another and with those around us. Thank you for patiently allowing us to serve the Lord in this place along side each of you.
Early this morning I was stopped at a traffic light on Williams Drive when someone in one of those tiny red pickups pulled up beside me. It had obviously been driven over one hundred thousand miles in service to the owner or owners as the case may be. My mind went back to our years in our twenties when I had a similar small red truck; one of the first of its kind. I had bought it greatly used and drove it extensively on numerous ministry visits. That little truck had such a bad starter that I always parked it on an incline so that I could Jump in, release the emergency break, and pop the clutch at just the right moment as I rolled forward to cause the engine to start. I drove it that way for several years. I actually had several vehicles over the years that were equally in great need of an unaffordable repair. As I sat there this morning, I thanked God that in all those years he never allowed us to be bitter or feel regret for the difficulties of raising our family on meager salaries. In fact in the leanest years, he always showed us that it was the Lord and not the various churches who ultimately determined how we would be provided for. As I sat there this morning, I could only say, “Lord, you are amazing!” So are you, Crestview Baptist Church! Shannon and I are overwhelmed by your loving ways.

Dan and Shannon Wooldridge


  1. Brother Dan,
    Now what is this about a new Truck!? Awesome! Your faithfulness has earned that and so much more in admiration for all your service. I was just surfing the web and thought I would check to see if your still pastoring and excited to see this website and a video message from you preaching the gospel. I am living over in Lampasas now. Married with one child and one on the way in Dec. The Lord has been good to me and hope to run into you sometime in the near future. Sincerely in Christ, Randy Clayton

    1. Thanks, Randy. Great to hear from you! I remember well our visits in those early days in Georgetown. You were always such an encouraging friend to me. How exciting to hear of your family!
      Blessings to you and yours

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