Will You Stand?

Ephesians chapter six beginning with verse ten describes the spiritual armor that one needs to stand strong.  Every component of that armor rests solidly on a strong Scriptural foundation.  Sadly we are becoming more and more a nation of people who are Biblically illliterate.  We know more about the latest technology than we know about Theology.  Sooner or later the storms of time rage against us.   As I write this, one of the greatest athletes of our lifetime is being drawn and quartered in the media because of his moral failures.  People of every walk of life will face troubles, trials, temptations, accidents, illnesses, and an endless list of possible challenges.  God’s Word has stood the test of time.  Even Jesus overcame the Evil One by quoting Scripture when tempted in the wilderness.  The test is coming.  Only those who are well armed can stand the test.  When was the last time you had an armor check?

Dan Wooldridge

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