Most likely my readers of this blog could fit on a church bus, but I blog for reasons other than readership.  I have long sought to keep journals.  The trouble is that my approach to ministry is relentless and does not lend itself well to journals.  I have volumes of notes and tapes and the like, but a journal that could serve as a personal history does not exist.  This series that I have entitled “The Journey” is an overview of my story.  It will provide an outline for my children and grandchildren of the story of a young man and his wife who got old while seeking to make an eternal difference in the world.  We have arrived in our journey to the most dangerous part of the story.  The posts that are to be written next involve the immense struggle of taking on a church that was younger than I was insofar as its years since birth, and helping that church see what it needed to see in order to do its part in reaching a fast growing community.  Some of the posts could be a little annoying to local readers.  They represent my perspective alone.  I am not capable of giving the viewpoint of someone else, nor are any of you who read this.  I am sure that there are other views of these seventeen years than my own.  I recommend starting a blog of your own if you want to write your viewpoint.  By now some reader is gleefully expecting controversy.  I hope to disappoint that reader greatly.  My great love for people that God has put in my heart long ago will temper my words and descriptions in such a way as to hold such things to a minimum.  Anyone offended by the upcoming posts will be welcomed into my office for a visit, and hopefully, such a visit will produce an even deeper sense of the grace that creates enduring friendships, marriages, and churches in a world filled with flawed people.  Fasten your seat belts.  There may be some bumpy air ahead.

Dan Wooldridge

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