This morning I preached my heart out about the Lord Jesus. I never ever feel that I have done justice to his wonder and glory. I am absolutely convinced that real revival is as simple as a real encounter with the real Jesus. How I hunger and thirst for the people of America to have a fresh transformational encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ; to not merely repeat biblical phrases about him, but to be “lost in wonder, love, and praise.” All of our petty problems would pale in comparison to his soul illuminating light. The foolish and blind arguments that so many put forward as a mask to cover sin would be set afire by the glory of his gaze until we stood naked before him without excuse and with cries for mercy and grace. There could finally be another great awakening in America that would blow away the tired rhetoric of those who are bent on reinventing the faith of our fathers in their own twisted image. America has always needed revival. It needed revival to make it one nation and the First Great Awakening played a major role in that. It needed revival to end the evil of slavery and the Second Great Awakening sowed seeds of conviction about this national sin and disgrace. It has had other movements that have met other needs such as the Jesus Movement in my own lifetime that breathed new life into the American church and resulted in thousands of young adults surrendering to Christian service.
Surely it is very late and the time is very short. Lord we need to see you afresh and anew. Open blind eyes in our churches and in our nation. Bring us to our knees! Break our hearts! Make us new!

Dan Wooldridge

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