Be forewarned that my subject in this post is troubling. All indications are that being a bible believing Christian is becoming the stance of a smaller and smaller minority of people in the United States. Already public schools on the West coast are openly teaching the beliefs of the Islamic faith on the one hand while expressly excluding the bible from the campus. The former is considered progressive, and the latter a necessity so as not to offend anyone. Christians who take Scripture seriously are excluded as bigots. Professors in many state universities openly mock Christian students and threaten them before the classes with failing grades if they dare to put forward their views. Go on the internet to baptiststandard.com and read the article concerning the stress in the American military. Chaplains are charged with proselytizing if they advocate faith in Christ. Many chaplains are considering resignation if the trends continue. Pressure is placed on them not to espouse views that are contrary to the current cultural drift. To refer to homosexuality in biblical terms is to be punished say some. Challenging people to live by a biblical ethic is regarded as naive and neanderthal.
I am not exaggerating when I say that many in our culture consider a bible believing Christian a bigger threat to American life than a fundamentalist Muslim. I know that sounds insane when the fanatical Muslims sometimes want to kill those who do not follow their ethic, but a Scripture comes to mind, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”
So here’s my question. When a businessman is boycotted because he is a serious Christian will he still stand up for Christ? When a student is graded down or even failed because they take God’s word seriously will they still stand? When a church is vandalized or picketed because they persist with a biblical faith will they cave in to the culture? I am not speaking about the future. I am speaking about things that are happening right now. Will you stand?
Dan Wooldridge

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