If ever there was a book that was ahead of its time, it was the book that bore the same title as this post.  Karl Menninger was a psychiatrist who wrote the book WHATEVER BECAME OF SIN? in 1973.  He recognized that the concept of sin was being replaced in the field of psychology by the notion of various disorders that relieved the conscience of any culpability for wrong choices.  Fast forward to today and now we are in a time when the notion of disorder is being replaced by the normalization of almost any behavior imaginable.  We discount the natural law and the Law of God to our own peril.  It is little wonder that so few are willing to take responsibility for their actions.  Not even those charged with leadership in our nation seem to be able to take responsibility for what they do or fail to do.  We are on the edge of chaos whether we know it or not.  This chaos is of our own making.  An agreed upon standard of conduct and the capacity to face our failures and find forgiveness, are absolutely essential to the survival of a culture.  If the reality of sin does not come back into vogue, then we are finished.  Pray for revival, and while you are at it, pray for a renewed conviction of the reality and seriousness of sin.  “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”  (Romans 5:20)

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