What the Resurrection Means

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is about so much more than everlasting life.  When Jesus broke the chains of death, he boldly declared that we should be people of endless hope.  We who know the Lord Jesus can never give up because we know that there is always a final word to be said, and that word belongs to God.  As Christians we have every reason to believe that something wonderful can come to pass even when all external evidence says that a good ending is impossible.  I not only believe this, but I have experienced it over and over.  Never has this been more evident to me than right now.  By Friday evening on that fateful day our Lord was crucified, there was apparently not one soul who saw any hope of a turnaround in the story of Jesus.  Those closest to Him were in hiding, frightened of their own danger in such an environment.  Sunday came and everything changed.  Fearful men and women began a journey toward an indomitable courage that turned the world upside down.

What have you given up on in your journey as a Christian?  Have you given up on some struggle in your walk?  Have you given up on the spiritual condition of a family member or a friend?  Never give up!  We are Easter people in a Good Friday world.  The greatest movements and moments in the history of Christianity have risen out of the ashes of seeming ruin.  Watch and pray and recapture the wonder of the resurrection.  Not just Easter Sunday, but every Sunday should be a reminder that not even death itself can defeat us when our faith is the Everliving One.

Dan Wooldridge

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  1. Today is July 4, 2014 but already today the Lord has put Easter in my heart now three time. It is by not accident that I’ve read this posting today. Yes, you are correct when you said “we are a Easter people in a Good Friday world”. Thank you.

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