Sunday was the first in our series tied to the Explore God campaign.  I shared the words of a Christian song written by Craig Hughes who attended Howard Payne the same years that I did.  The song was “Nursery Rhymes.”  Craig had the idea of using all the familiar nursery rhymes that children are introduced to in order to convey the many challenges of life that people face.  After each recounting of a nursery rhyme coupled with the purpose God brings to bear on life, the chorus was:

What is there that gives my life such meaning?  What is there that makes it all worthwhile?
It’s found in just one man.
You know his name is Jesus Christ, my friend.
Let Him in and you will find life is more than nursery rhymes.

This genius of a song swept throughout the state and nation at youth camps and conferences.  A whole generation was touched with a tender reminder that life finds its meaning in Jesus Christ.  I am sad for those who do not know or understand this.  In my experience they are living out the futility expressed in Humpty Dumpty.  They are irreparably broken until they meet the only one who can make them whole again.

Dan Wooldridge

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