What Does It Profit?

Jesus makes clear the fact that gaining the whole world isn’t gain if it costs us our soul.  What is your soul worth?  People sell out every day.  Fame has been the price that has purchased many souls for destruction.  Money has swept untold millions away while providing a drug like euphoria to dull the pain of emptiness.  Sex is all some people have gotten in exchange for their souls.  In most cases they find out that the body is wasted, desecrated, and often diseased as a result.  Some sell out as cheaply as being perceived by others as hip or cool.  Others sell their souls for non-stop entertainment, a way of never having to deal with anything real.  There really is only one price for a soul that is worthy.  The blood of Jesus Christ is the purchase price of a soul.  Once your soul has been paid for the only thing left is to glorify the one who died for us.  Name your price.

Dan Wooldridge

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