What Churches Need Most

Jesus declared himself to be the ultimate shepherd in John 10.  He challenged Peter to take up the ministry of a shepherd in John 21.  More than personnel, promotion, or programs, churches need shepherds.  Shepherds are not limited to a pastor and his staff.  Shepherds include any follower of Jesus who will lovingly take responsibility for others.  Every unit of every church needs within that unit those with a shepherds heart.  Shepherds are sensitive to the well being of those around them.  Shepherds know the sheep by name and their voice uplifts and encourages others.  Shepherds notice when the sheep are gone.  Shepherds try to get people together and keep people together.  Shepherds understand that Jesus is the Chief Shepherd and that they are accountable to Him in all they do.  They set the example of following the Chief Shepherd and encourage others to do the same.  Wherever you find a Christian who has grown strong in the Lord, there is somewhere in the shadows a shepherd who kept them in the flock and nurtured their growth.  Be a shepherd.  The Lord needs you.

Dan Wooldridge

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