Some day in the future Jesus will come again.  I believe this because of the absolute truth of God’s Word and because of the promise of Jesus.  I count this whole Malachy story out in the news as just another warning like the dawning of the second millenium or the Mayan calendar that supposedly ended in 2012.  Please do not think this is cynicism on my part.  Jesus himself told us not to be carried away by those who would try to lure us into trusting false signs and false messiahs.  He in essence said that when it happens it will catch everyone largely by surprise. 

Some who are reading this may not be familiar with the story of the Irish Bishop named Malachy who supposedly predicted every Pope right up until the last one, which many say will be the next one.  It is interesting that his book was not even known for a century or so after he supposedly wrote it.  Having read his prophecies, I am reminded of Nostradamus or of this mornings horoscope.  Things written in such cryptic language could be made to fit almost anything with a little effort.  I guess I am just too interested in what I need to be doing today to spend my time thinking about and seeking to predict the exactitudes of the endtime.  The end of time is a happy event for the Christian.  It will include God’s final dramatic redemption of the created order.  Maranatha!

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