Weapons of Righteousness

Never have I been more keenly aware that the Body of Christ is at war in this present world.  Paul had this in mind when he was led of the Spirit to write the words of 2 Corinthians 6:3-10.  It is from the seventh verse that I draw the phrase, “weapons of righteousness.”  In this text Paul has in his mind the image of a warrior who has laid aside his shield and is vigorously on the offensive.  This warrior has taken up two offensive weapons.  He has made the decision to press forward with the age old conviction that the best defense is a strong offense.  That is the mental image, but there is a catch.  The weapons are not physical in nature; they are spiritual.  Just what might these weapons be?  Let’s think about it. 

1. A character that has been purified by the power of God – Nothing is more useful in our warfare than a godly example.  Many who need our message will not read the Scripture and do not want to listen.  They will be impacted by someone that they cannot easily dismiss.  Someone who is clearly different.

2. Courage – Nothing so stands out in this world as that individual who fearlessly stands for something.       Courage is usually respected in warfare even when it is the courage of the enemy that is in view.  In the movie “God’s and Generals” there is a scene where the Confederate army cheers enthusiastically for the undaunted courage of their badly battered enemy because of their incredible courage and determination.  This is not unknown in the history of warfare.  Those who need to hear our message need to see our willingness to suffer in order to share it.

3.Sincere love – It is difficult to maintain animosity toward those who approach us in love regardless of how much we may reject their message.

4.Champions of Truth – We must never give ground on the issue of the existence of absolute truth.

5.Joyful Exuberance – The world is impoverished for real joy and fascinated that it exists anywhere; especially among those who follow Jesus.

6.Relational Abundance – The world is also impoverished for deep, enriching relationships.  Nourishing relationships have been the source of millions of conversions.

7.Scripture – Whether they accept it or not, whether they want to hear it or not, whether they believe it or not, the Word of God is the ultimate weapon of righteousness.

Dan Wooldridge

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