I cannot imagine how any Christian could fail to be concerned with the barbarous behavior in the Middle East toward citizens in general and Christians in particular. Stories of the slaughter and abuse of Christians come almost daily. This Islamic terrorism is a throwback to ancient brutality and is perpetrated on many helpless elderly people, women, and children. A day must come when it is challenged and stopped. I have listened to Christian arguments for peaceful resolution to conflicts, but there are times when the face of evil is so hardened that reasonable approaches will not do.
It may surprise some to know that Augustine was working out theories of “Just War” in North Africa in the 400’s A.D. St Thomas Aquinas took his work and asserted some principles of a Just War in the early second millennium. His assertions were as follows:

1. A Just War can only be just if it is waged by a nation. Romans 13:1-7
2. A Just War must only be waged to halt or combat evil. It cannot be waged to gain land or wealth. Covetousness would be involved in a war to gain wealth.
3. A Just War must have as its objective to bring peace to mankind and nations.

The ultimate Just War will be waged when Christ returns with the armies of heaven and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord. Only God has the rightful authority to take possession of the earth. He will do so at the beginning of his Millennial reign. In the meantime, he warned us of the days of wars and rumors of wars. Pray for those who lead the nations to rise up and put a stop to this present evil.

Dan Wooldridge

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