Even though I get up most mornings at four or five (sometimes 3:30), finding time to post has been a challenge.  There are personal reading and reflection commitments, sermons to prepare, devotionals to put together, teaching events to prepare, and countless emails to respond to.  There is also an occasional bout with writer’s block.  This is a time when the mind is moving from theme to theme and cannot focus on one theme long enough to put pen to paper or keys to blog as the case may be.  Such has been the case recently.  The other matter is that I have traded some of my early morning study for workouts and swimming at the rec center.  Be that as it may, let me share and update.

Chase and Meagan were the subject of a series of blogs several years back under the title, “THINGS ONLY GOD CAN DO.”  They are home right now on a break from teaching and working in Myanmar and are soon to speak at Crestview.  We plan for them to share on the first Sunday in March in both morning and evening services.  They will be in College Station tomorrow for their second report at the First Baptist Church.  On Thursday they were with the Senior Adults there.  Already they have met with a number of our members and with our Missions committee.  I want to share one of the dreams that they are communicating.

They have a dream of leasing a larger building in Yangon for a youth center out of which many ministries can originate.  They also will have space for a new church.  They want to live upstairs in this structure and also have room for guests who come to work alongside them.  Like most countries in the third world, Myanmar has a large youth population.  Because of the poor economy, many of them have a lot of free time well into their twenties.  Learning to speak English is a pathway to better jobs.  By teaching English, theater, dance, and almost anything else without charge, it is possible to gather large groups and share the life changing message of Jesus with them while you meet other needs in their lives.  Many will gladly stay and hear sermons after these activities.  Great conversations arise about matters of faith.  I want to ask all of my readers to pray with Chase and Meagan about this dream.

I need to mention that they are still working with five orphanages and with micro-finance in addition to this.  They also have been in contact with missionaries of our denomination and these missionaries are astonished at the way Crestview and the Burma Connection have supported and aided them.  Once when I was in Myanmar, a missionary of the International Mission Board told me that all of Yangon was aware of our church.  That is a city of over five million people!  Of course he did not mean everyone in the city.  He meant every Christian believer, or at least the majority of them.  Chase and Meagan have been our living presence there along with others who have gone and stayed for a time.  How is that for salt and light?

Dan Wooldrige

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