Thursday means decision time for groups one through four.

Sixty-three children indicated that they had asked Jesus into their hearts.  Five other decisions were made.  Many children asked me personally about baptism.  Some of them indicated great difficulty in getting their parents to take them to church.  If you are reading this blog, please pray that we can see the Spirit of God impress upon parents that it is a very serious matter to provide for the Spiritual well being of children.  In years gone by, I have even seen parents who were not Christians themselves who wanted their children to follow Jesus.  They at least understood that the Lord could make their task as a parent easier.  We are now living in a time where parents who profess to be Christians refuse to make the spiritual well being of their children a priority.  All we really need in order to have an amazing revival in Texas is for this trend to be reversed.  If even the professing Christian families would show some semblance of faithfulness to bible study and worship we would have a spiritual awakening.  Oh, how my heart is burdended!  God grant a revival for the children’s sake!  God grant a revival for your kingdom’s sake!  Let events like Camp Crestview be used to kindle the flame!

Dan Wooldridge

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