Though you are evil . . .

As Jesus talked about prayer, he made a passing remark on human nature recorded in Luke 11:13.  He spoke of his listeners that day and, by association, of us as being evil.  The word “evil” has become for us a word reserved for only the most monstrous of human beings.  We could readily list some past and current examples of evil people.  They would be murderous and cruel.  Many people would refuse to regard themselves as sinful and in danger of judgement simply because they do not belong to this infamous class of rogues.   When Jesus used this word, he was speaking of our bondage to the sinful nature.  Throughout Scripture we are helped to see that the heart of man is “evil and desperately wicked.” (Jeremiah 17:9)  The term “total depravity” is a theological term for our lost condition outside of Christ.  We cannot save ourselves apart from God’s grace as revealed in Jesus Christ.  Our minds are effected by sin. Our reasoning is corrupted by sin.  Our emotions are effected.  Our bodies are effected.  That is why the bible says we are in darkness until Christ brings us light.  God’s Word states, “There is none righteous, no not one.”  (Romans 3:10)  When God’s word says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23), none of us are left out.  When Jesus said that we are evil, this is what he meant.  We are in desperate need of God’s grace and forgiveness.  Why don’t you take a moment right now and reflect on your own need for God’s forgiveness.  Beware that you not seek to justify yourself in all your actions and ways.  Such people become even more deeply enslaved by sin.  Read Romans 8 for a powerful look at the sinful nature versus the life led by God’s Spirit.  Only Jesus can justify us before the holiness of God.  He made that possible by dying on the cross for our sins.

Dan Wooldridge

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