This one’s for Paul.

Friends are a wonderful gift from God.  Paul was my my friend when most people who know me now had never heard of me.  We grew up together, stayed overnight at one another’s home, played football together, roamed the streets of Brown County together, and have stayed in touch.  I will never forget Paul suggesting that we wear our football letter jackets to a class reunion.  My response was, “Which arm should I wear it on?”  A few years ago Paul’s son died tragically in a motorcycle accident.  Shannon and I were compelled to drive to Brownwood to stand with Paul and his family at the funeral home the night before the service.  In taking that four hour round trip, we were saying we love you and will always carry you in our hearts.  Paul listens in on my messages and reads this blog.  I am honored to have maintained his friendship through the years, but I am thrilled to be his cyber pastor in this day of amazing technology.  God’s blessings on you and yours, my friend.

Dan Wooldridge

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