This must be Christian education year for me.

After being at Howard Payne on April 22nd and Hardin Simmons on the 23rd and 24th, I was at Baylor yesterday.  I am on the board of the Center for Effectiveness in Ministry.  We had a panel of ministers who represented a variety of styles of ministry and evangelism.  They were each very different, but they had very much in common.  Each of them wanted greatly to glorify Christ.  They were all committed to making a difference in the name of Jesus.  One of the speakers was a prominent Methodist pastor.  He said over and over that we need to reach all kinds of people and that we need to reach the people who live around us.  He also emphasized that the Bible needs to be the basis for all we do. 

     We need all kinds of churches and all kinds of pastors.  We need Jesus, and we need each other.  I for one am weary of battles between leaders who are more alike than they are different.  Doctrinal error is another matter entirely.  We simply have to challenge and correct false doctrine if we can.  What I often find is that leaders don’t seem to identify the difference between disagreements over culture or style and those that involve heresy.  Christian practice and Christian doctrine or not the same thing.  Orthodoxy is important.  Orthopraxy is important also but not so much as to break all fellowship.

Dan Wooldridge

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