There is no feeling like the empty and frightened feeling a parent feels for an adult child whose dreams have been shattered.  Whether those dreams have been shattered by personal failure or providence the result is despair.  When we drove to meet our son and discuss his separation, I warned him repeatedly not to use what had happened as an excuse to throw caution to the wind.  I specifically mentioned that he should stay away from alcohol and from relationships with the opposite sex.  I reminded him that he was still married and he needed to keep himself in such a state that reconciliation might be possible.  The one statement that stands out in my mind was “Dad, she is better off without me.”  I feared those words indicated a sense of worthlessness and failure.  Many lives have been ruined by such emotions.  Little did I know that his determination not to move home would lead to homelessness, living in his pickup, and drifting from one place to another.  Reaching him by phone became nearly impossible.  Finding him was impossible.

It is wonderful to realize that we cannot hide from God.

Dan Wooldridge

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