While serving in Burma, our son shared with us by email that a conversation had begun between he and our daughter in law about getting married again.  Along with this conversation there was a dialogue about the limits imposed in one country as opposed to the freedoms available in the other.  So long as they were communicating by email and deeply involved in their respective places of service there was no resolution.  Each had experienced the strong pull of the needs of their respective ministries in Asia.  In April our daughter in law came home for a family wedding.  Our son also came home on a break from his work in Burma.  He left a number of his belongings there with every intention of returning and resuming his work.  Once they began to talk face to face he heard words such as “the use of theater to reach people in India”, and “the great need for teachers to train the large numbers who see English as a pathway to a better life”.  He also heard of the ease with which teaching English could lead to sharing faith in India as opposed to the situation in Burma.  A decision was made that he was needed in India.

Once that decision was made, the question of marriage was clearly before them.  Should they go to India as single adults and work toward a marriage in the future, or should they follow their hearts and marry in April even though this might be stunning to many family members who did not see this coming?  They decided to marry.  The wedding occurred in that same beautiful park where we spent a wonderful day before our son left for Burma.  It was a very relaxed and lovely wedding.  They asked me to conduct the wedding and I gladly did so.  I must say that the first time they married I was fearful and uncertain because of my concerns for where they seemed to be spiritually.  We loved them both so much that I knew that standing in their way would only hurt our relationship.  At this second wedding, I had a deep peace and a sense that God’s grace was upon them and His purpose was being served.  I frankly do not know how any marriage makes it without the Lord.  It is not enough just to be a Christian.  Jesus needs to be the unseen, but very real, presence in the lives of those who share life together as husband and wife.  My wife and I came to a place of deep peace and gratitude for what God was doing.  Only God could bring about such a thing.  There really are many things in this world that only God can do.

At the wedding I used the words to an old song as a poetic touch.  These are some of the lyrics to the song “After All” made famous by Peter Cetera.

Well, here we are again;

I guess it must be fate.

We’ve tried to make it on our own,

But deep inside we’ve known

We’d be back to set things straight.

After all the stops and starts,

We keep coming back to these two hearts,

Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall.

After all that we’ve been through,

It all comes down to me and you.

I guess it’s meant to be,

Forever you and me, After all.

Now they serve the Lord in India as husband and wife.  Please join my wife and I and Meagan’s parents in praying for them as they continue in their journey of faith.

God is love.  (1 John 4:8)

Dan Wooldridge

Update:  In the fall of 2010, God moved the two of them to Southeast Asia where Chase served before they were married.  They are flourishing in mission work with many of the partners of our church and a special missions connection that arose out of our membership.


  1. They are in our prayers daily. Each of them is very special in their own unique way…they are even more special as a couple serving the Lord. May God continue to bless their marriage and their ministry! Thanks for telling their story! I know it has been an inspiration to many.

  2. Oh, wow! What a true love story–the love of God. I pray for this young couple. But, I give thanks for the families that stood strong in a long battle. Sharing this is such an inspiration to me as well as others. Nobody is safe from the evils of the world. Thanks for your call last week and for this blog. May God continue to work through you and your family to reach others.

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