Things I am Learning in 2010

Since I wrote about the need for life long learning, I think it would be good to write about some things that I am learning in 2010.

1. The problem in our churches is a leadership problem.  People have not changed as much as I thought they had.  What we desperately need is for a new generation of leaders to rise up.  Please do not think I am talking about the church that I serve to the exclusion of others.  I have many opportunities to visit and dialogue with other churches.  Selecting, equipping, and delegating to leaders is the key to progress.  None of us can do it all.  Pastor’s who are focused on the Lord and faithful to their tasks still can see the power of the Spirit to draw people to Jesus.

2. Prayer is more powerful than I had known.  Having preached and taught about prayer since 1972, I am learning that there are breakthroughs happening around me that I can only attribute to prayer.

3.The information age is amazing.  Never has so much information been so readily available.  It seems tragic to me that in such an age people have time to “twitter”.

4.The harvest is plenteous.  I am making more contacts than at any other time in my life, and I am astounded at the openness which I am finding.  The stress of these times may be opening a new door of opportunity for witness and ministry.

5.The most important investments we make are in the lives of people, beginning with those of our own family.  As I think of my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, I see that every moment I have given to them is of incredible worth.  God’s blessings to me from my family are amazing.  Time invested with them is time well spent.  In fact, giving people your time is always of great worth.  Of course, I mean by this that we should give in a manner that is true to the Lord we serve. Material things are pale in comparison to the radiant faces of those in whose lives we have made a difference.

Dan Wooldridge

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