We just completed a webinar called “Verge” at Crestview.  This event included a number of the brightest young minds in Christian work today.  The subject was discipleship and disciple making.  The content was excellent.  The call that was presented was biblical and sacrificial.  It was not the sad and silly fluff that is passed off in so many American pulpits as biblical preaching.  What I want to write about today, however, is the amazing opportunities that exist today to gather inspiration, encouragement, and inspiration in a connected world.

I remember the first computer that I ever had at a church where I served.  It was FBC Kingsville in the late 80″s.  We had the old Ms dos system, a dot matrix printer, and reams of paper with the crazy little edges that had tracks so that the paper could be pulled through the printer.  I wanted no part of it.  It seemed to me at that time that in some ways computers caused more work than they saved.  I am sure that if I was keeping the records I would not have had that opinion, but for my purposes it was not really important.  God blessed me with a memory for names faces and details in those days that rendered the need of a computer file virtually unnecessary.  In fact, I often found myself correcting what the computer had recorded which was not accurate information.

Fast forward to today:  I cannot imagine a world without email.  With email I can write notes at four thirty in the morning to people to set up exchanges on the following day.  I can and do answer dozens of questions in a matter of moments.  I can surf the net and listen to some of the brightest minds of our day, sometimes on video and sometimes on audio, but always available and at any time I choose.  I can research any subject that my mind can imagine.  I can attend a conference in Atlanta, Georgia while sitting at my computer in my home office.  I can participate in a committee meeting with leaders from across the state and around the world at that same home office.  I can have a conversation with someone a world away which is a face to face meeting and can even convey emotion and expression along with my words.

I am not unaware that many are squandering this opportunity by pursuing those things that hurt rather than help them.  Progress always has its pitfalls.  There has never been a greater need for discernment to know what is false teaching and what is true.  There has never been a time when one needs to more carefully guard their heart. (Proverbs 4:23)  Still, these are amazing times.

Dan Wooldridge

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