There has never been a man like Him.

Dallas Willard is a noted author.  He has served as a professor of philosophy at USC and his courses are very popular.  He says that from time to time a fellow professor will approach him with caution and say something like, “and you … you are a follower of Jesus.”   To which he replies, “You had someone else in mind.”  Think of all the great leaders in human history.  Think of the founders of world religions.  Think of the military leaders.  Think of the men of science, art, and literature.  When you are finished, you will note that there has never been anyone like Jesus.  Though he never wrote so much as a note that survives, the libraries of the world are filled with books that thoroughly examine every word his hearers have written down.  His message on the value of the individual has caused a revolution in education, medicine, social consciousness, international relations, and the list goes on and on.

  Jesus is not, however, solely a person of history.  He is still speaking, still leading, still governing, still healing, still changing lives, and still writing the story of His coming to earth.  Do you ever hear anyone talk about the difference Alexander the Great has made in their life, and yet untold millions from every continent on earth can testify to the personal impact of Jesus upon them today.  Untold millions will speak to Him while I write this blog.  He will speak back to them by the Holy Spirit with life giving direction.  You may call this delusional, but the evidence of the comfort, wisdom, and guidance they receive is hard to refute.  History is His story.  There has never been a man like Him.

Dan Wooldridge

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