Much of what is called Christianity in America is really a form of Theism.  I am becoming increasingly aware that many professing Christian leaders are Theistic, but not truly Christian in their positions.  What is the difference?  Theism asserts that there is a God who exists as the Creator and that we may know him on some level.  There is usually a place for prayer.  He is a God who has given us a conscience and who seeks to lead us toward good and away from evil.  From the theistic position, you can view Jesus as a very important teacher of the truth about this God.  Many professing Christians today emphasize that Jesus had a primary motivation of bringing social change.  He wanted to elevate the poor and bring down the rich.  As such this kind of Christianity is more political than it is spiritual.  Strong emphasis on the claims of Jesus to Divinity are largely set aside.A Christianity that does not grant Jesus his proper place is not really Christianity, it is theism.

Christian theism agrees as to God as creator and to the moral order in the universe.  It is, however,  radical form of theism.  It presents God in the person of Jesus Christ reconciling the world unto himself. (2 Corinthians 5:19)  Jesus taught about real life issues to reveal the principles of the Kingdom.  He brought the eternal to bear on the temporal.  He was God, sandal shod.  He is God in human flesh, God in the midst of man, God and man in one.  He was not half God and half man.  He was all God and all man.  Just as God is amazing and incomprehensible to our finite mind.  Jesus was and is amazing and incomprehensible to our finite mind.  Theism only speculates about eternal things.  Christian theism asserts the eternal as seen in the face of Jesus Christ.  Theism is random in its spiritual applications.  Christian theism is focused and targeted by the example and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Theists are always ready to make room for other ideas since their notion of God is broader and more subject to variation.  Christian theists stand firm that Jesus is not merely a way to God, but the way to God.

Don’t be fooled by those who profess to be Christian, but stop short of confessing with great confidence that “Jesus Christ is Lord.”  This is the equivalent of saying “Jesus Christ is God.”  Nothing less qualifies as Christianity.

Dan Wooldridge

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