The World on our Doorstep

When I began to pastor churches in 1972, we called missionaries “foreign missionaries”.   “Foreign” meant more than just far away.  It meant virtually unknown, inscrutable.  Most church members had never even considered going to any of the countries where our guest speakers lived and served.  That was then.  Today the world is on our doorstep.  On the street where I live there is a neighbor from Asia and a neighbor from the Middle East.  All over Georgetown, I constantly meet people from all over the world.  In Austin this reality is even more pronounced.

Crestview now has a Karen mission which is made up of people from Burma.  We have just become co-sponsors of an Indian mission in Cedar Park.  Our partner is The Fellowship of Canyon Creek which is a part of Williamson Baptist Association.  We continue to be heavily involved in the nation of Asia.  We have two members of Crestview living and serving in two different countries in Asia.  The names should not be shared since missions in Asia is not officially sanctioned.  Three former members are career missionaries in Asia and actually went out from this church to answer their original call to world missions.  They began in Canada,  went to the Middle East and served for a time, worked on networking in Waco while working at Baylor, and now are in Asia and are the sponsors of one of our two church members in Asia.  Our congregation is involved through financial support in each of these areas.  We continue to develop our strong connection with Romania.  The visit of Paul Negrut on the evening of February 14th was of great significance.  He sought us out and wanted to be our guest.  Paul is one of the best known men in Europe and is without doubt one of the best known preachers in the world.  A good illustration of this is the fact that when Shannon, Chase, and I went to Australia in 1998 we visited a Romanian church in Sydney.  The pastor’s name was Ovidiu.  It was the strongest church out of the seven where I was privileged to visit and preach.  When I met Paul Negrut for the first time, I discovered that Ovidiu was a long time friend and colleague of his.  The Christian family is so huge.  The sun never sets on those who know and love Jesus Christ. The world is on our Doorstep.  Isn’t it time to open that door and say hello in His name.

Dan Wooldridge

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