Sunday’s message included a list of names by which the Holy Spirit is called in Scripture.  The various names for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit come from the way people have experienced God.  The divinely inspired authors give us enriched glimpses of the character of God through the various names.  In the case of the names for the Holy Spirit recorded in John’s gospel we are beholding something very special in that it is the sinless Son of God who is revealing these names to us through the divinely inspired memories of John the Apostle.    Of these names, I think I gravitate most readily to the name, “The Spirit of Truth.”  If ever there was a time in human history when we needed to know and share the truth, it is now.  To watch the events around us, is to realize that mankind seeks constantly to avoid the truth.  They do so by denying that truth exists.  It seems hardly to occur to them that such an assertion is itself a statement intended to be a truth.  In politics, it is increasingly difficult to see politicians come to common ground as to the true nature of situations.  All parties cling tenaciously to a view that seems to be demanded by their need to be re-elected regardless of the consequences for the country.  This is a depressing and frightening state of affairs.  How one longs to see someone rise above it all and shout “The emperor has no clothes.”  If you don’t recognize the phrase, it is from a famous fairytale in which a little child states the obvious while all of the adults have been in denial and playing mental games to avoid what is clearly true.

Very soon we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  Untold billions in our world will dismiss the plausibility of our faith in the victory of Christ over sin, death, and the grave.  They seem to think that we are somehow a fearful people who are comforted by an old fable.  The fact is that we likely would never have heard of Jesus had he not risen from the dead.  The Jews may have heard of him, but not the whole world.  However, it is not so much the facts and arguments that allow us to see and understand the victory of Jesus Christ as it is the Spirit of Truth who opens our minds and hearts to know clearly that Christ is risen.  Hallelujah!

Dan Wooldridge


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