This will be my last post for a while that deals with personal evangelism, but it may be the most important post of them all.  Henry Blackaby coined the statement, “Watch to see where God is working and join Him in His work.”  That applies wonderfully to personal evangelism.  The evangelist must train his eyes to see when people are interested.  This may be seen in their interest in you as a minister.  It may be a face in a crowd at a funeral or wedding.  It could be someone who was listening in as you share with a Christian friend about the things of the Lord.  Sometimes you can bring up subjects that are less threatening and gently move toward a presentation of the good news.  Let me give some examples.

A person’s eyes are fastened on you as you share at a funeral.  They approach you afterward and sincerely state their appreciation for your words.  You discover that the person is unsaved.  You have their attention already.  Seek an appointment.  Share Jesus.

A person at a wedding asks where you were quoting from as you recite 1 Corinthians 13 in the ceremony.  Quoted Scripture is at least three times as powerful in its impact as that which is publicly read.  You state that it is in Scripture.  You make an appointment the next day and do a very short and casual explanation of the text and then talk about how the Lord loves us and that He is the model for all loving relationships.  I led a man to Christ on one occasion in this very way.

You are preparing a couple for marriage when it becomes obvious that one or both of them do not know the Lord.  You state that since they have asked for a Christian ceremony it is very important that they clearly understand how one enters the Christian life.  You present the gospel.  Perhaps one hundred adults have come to Christ through this process in my years of ministry.

Someone has noticed you and is expressing an awareness of who you are and what you stand for.  They are not at peace with God.  You seek to learn more about them and create trust so that you can share Christ.  Once a young man toilet papered our house.  I went to congratulate him on the fine job he did, started attending his extracurricular activities in school, made sure to comment positively on his performances, and later saw him not only come to Christ, but prepare for ministry.

An adult receives Christ who obviously has lost friends.  Seek ways to be with the new Christian and their friends who need the Lord.  One new believer had a barbecue and invited lost friends over along with myself.  Relationships were begun that led to opportunities to see them come to Christ also.

Mission trips create wonderful opportunities to share Christ when you return home.  You simply state “I was in Romania for two weeks this summer.”  They ask, “What were you doing in Romania?”  You tell them that you were working to see people enter into a personal relationship with Christ.  Watch their reaction.  If they seem interested, share Jesus.  You could say something like, “Can I share with you what I shared with people there?”  God has given amazing opportunities to share from such conversations.  Many have been drawn to the Lord through these adventures in missions.

Maybe you see the pattern.  Ask the Lord to give you eyes to see His activity around you.

Dan Wooldridge


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