The trouble with preaching a sermon is that when one message has been delivered, you have to begin moving on to another.  This morning I delivered the message “TRUTH ON TRIAL”.  I used the text in John 18:37 where Pilate asks the question “What is truth?”  One of the points that I made in the message was that the existence of universities can be traced back to the Christian pursuit of learning in the churches.  Universities sprang from churches as plants spring up from seed.  I pointed out that in America all of our first universities were founded as Christian institutions.  In particular, I mentioned that the oldest university in the English speaking world is Oxford which was founded around 1096 A. D.  The motto of Oxford for hundreds of years until this very hour is “The Lord is My light!”  That is a direct quote from Psalm 27:1.  In our cynical age there are no doubt professors and students who are annoyed by that fact, but it stands nonetheless.  God is light and He brings light to every subject under heaven.  A primary premise of my sermon was that Christian faith does not close the mind as some have suggested, but it opens the mind to truth on a deeper and more lasting level than those who reject Jesus Christ will ever know or understand.  True intellectualism and true faith are friends.  The Lord is my light.  Without Him the whole world walks in darkness.

Dan Wooldridge

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