The move from Baird to Kingsville with a new baby boy, Chase, and two elementary aged girls, Brooke and Paige, was a seven hour drive if you drove without stops.  In reality it was at least nine hours.  Oh, I forgot.  The dog, Lana, moved with us also.  The best illustration that I can think of for the difficulty of this move is when we pulled over at a rest stop north of Corpus Christi.  We were in our two vehicles.  The one I was in was pretty worn out and the air conditioner did not work very well.  The other was a fairly nice car.  I walked up to the car and my wife rolled down the window.  Her first words were to say in a loud voice “HOW MUCH FURTHER.”  I don’t think she had ever driven that far in her life.  Chase was crying and tired and we were still nearly an hour away.  To appreciate this experience, you should know that I had lived all of my growing up years in Bangs, Texas and had spent the first thirteen years in ministry in places that were more or less and hour’s drive away.  We were leaving our families to begin a ministry that would be very much like being missionaries in another state or country.  We would make many trips home to try to meet the needs of our families to see us and to be a part of their lives, but there was no doubt that this would be very different.  It was good for us.  It stretched us.  It also taught us many valuable lessons that have served us well through the years.  In Kingsville, God would show me, “Great and mighty things that I did not know.”  (Jeremiah 33:3)

Dan Wooldridge

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