The Jesus Seminar vs Jesus

    As you may have heard, two representatives of a group called the Jesus Seminar are scheduled to be in Georgetown in early April.  I am not certain as to the topics they will present, but I am very familiar with what they have said and written.  This meeting will be held just prior to Easter.  The timing of the event leads me to point out my strongest, though by no means, my only dispute with these “scholars”.  I strongly resent those who use their scholarly credentials to make claims that deny the existence of the supernatural.  They remind me of modern day Sadducees.  They like the Sadducees are too intellectual for their own good.  With very carefully contrived language the people of the Jesus Seminar deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Now may I quickly add that they would deny what I just said.  They define the resurrection in terms of an existential experience that people of faith have in common.  They would say that the followers of Jesus came to the conviction that Jesus was somehow still alive and proceeded to tell stories in support of that conviction about empty tombs and so forth.  Some of them will concede to actual visions of Jesus as being alive from the dead, but one is left with a Christianity that is almost entirely subjective and stripped of its central feature.  Only those who refuse to read the plain words of Scripture could come up with such a conclusion.

 In my view it is not conservative beliefs about Jesus that these people oppose, but Jesus himself.  We live in a day when many are trying to reinvent Jesus.  It seems to me that there is a strong effort to make Jesus not so miraculous, not so unique, and not so divine as He truly is.  Do not be deceived by this.  I am already keenly aware of a number of young people who are drinking in this poison and using it to refute the faith of their fathers and mothers.  A good read for those who are interested in being more informed about this is the book, The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Stroebel.  He lines up a wide variety of scholars to demonstrate that the time honored views of Jesus Christ held by Christians everywhere are built on a solid foundation.  In the words of the great old hymn, “On Christ the solid rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand.”

Dan Wooldridge

2 thoughts on “The Jesus Seminar vs Jesus

  1. Dan:
    I have heard that these Jesus Seminar representative have had a change of plans and that, indeed, they will not be coming to town. Perhaps they have heeded your advice – and gone fishing, instead. -jx5

  2. I have heard several unofficial reports about changes in the plans. However I have seen no written changes in any internet postings. It is still calendared so far as I can tell. I personally believe such an event should be in a debate format with scholars of more conservative views able to exchange views with the representatives of the Jesus Seminar. I also think an event like this belongs in an academic setting. The views of the scholars in the Jesus Seminar are far outside the mainstream and in my view outside of the Kingdom of God.

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