The importance of personal ministry

All around our nation we see the rise of the megachurch.  I must admit that it is exciting to realize that the largest churches that ever existed in the United States are in existence right now.   Crestview is a large church to the vast majority of American churches.  The overwhelming majority of churches have a Sunday attendance of less than one hundred persons.  The average attendance of all churches according to the last statistics I saw was less than 200 persons.  What simply must not be lost in the changing landscape of American Christianity is the enduring value of one on one ministry.  Whether a church is large or small there is a great need for those who know our name and care for us as individuals.  Ideally the church is made up of people who are ministers and not merely members.  For my own part I want desperately to know all of the people who are members of our church.  I want to know the children’s names as well as the adults.  I grew up in a church where the successive pastors knew my name and called me by name.  This had a profound impact on my spiritual life.  The larger the church the harder it is to be personally in touch with the congregation, but there is no real excuse for not wanting too.  I cannot imagine Jesus contenting himself to stand at a distance and speak to people.  He has modeled for us that being His disciples involves personal contact and personal ministry.  Judgement awaits the church that becomes merely another entertainment venue.  We cannot be Christ’s followers without following the model of a shepherd.  “. . . and the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name, and leads them.”  John 10:3

Dan Wooldridge

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