I preached my heart out today about the change Jesus made in Saul of Tarsus to transform him into a man who loved and ministered to vast numbers of people all over the world. (Romans 16) Something that I did not include in my message is that the Lord did the same kind of thing to me. I was always the boy who could play alone for hours. I spent a great deal of my childhood entertaining myself. My elder sister loved the indoors, and I loved the outdoors. My younger sister came along eleven years after me so that I was pretty much grown when she was little. I did have friends that I did things with, but I still spent a lot of time alone.

Even though I had many opportunities to be a leader such as Class President, President of the Student Body, Captain of the football team and so on, I really would have preferred not to be in the spotlight. I was a bit timid and did just fine by myself. I avoided a lot of people that I thought might lead me to get into trouble, and so I was not invited to parties, especially where there might be alcohol or other things. I have no regrets about that. I kept my circle of close friends pretty tight.

When Jesus called me to do what I do today, he took a more or less introverted person and propelled me into a person who cannot go to a public place without searching the crowd for familiar faces. He caused me to have a nearly fanatical desire to know people and to touch their lives. In my heart I believe that he wants to move us all in a similar direction. He wants us to touch the lives of people for His sake. The purpose is not our popularity but his glory. We are to be a constant reminder to others that there is a God who loves them.

Dan Wooldridge


  1. Wonderful testimony. Thank you.
    I would not have guessed you are, or were, an introvert.
    They say it takes one to know one. I am an introvert. I have much to learn from you. May my passion to touch lives for Jesus grow, to His glory.
    Thank you for being a faithful servant of the Lord.

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