God blessed me with loving parents.  Today is father’s day so let me speak of my father.  My father’s dad died when he was only twelve.  I think he always felt a profound sense of loss because of his father’s death.  He had to become a young man and do what he could to provide for his mother, two brothers, and two sisters.  He entered the Civilian Conservation Corp as soon as he finished high school.  His mother was a deep Christian who raised him to know God’s Word.  Like so many in his day he was thrust into the second World War.  He flew numerous missions as a tail gunner on a B 29 aircraft.  He came home after surviving more than one experience of being shot down by antiaircraft fire.  He was a gaunt and disabled veteran, but chose to try to work his way back to health rather than take disability.  When I was very young, my father worked all the time.  I loved him, but seldom spent time with him.  About the time I made my decision to follow Jesus, my father began to close his business on Sunday and go to church with us.  Suddenly I discovered that my father was full of wisdom.  He became an excellent bible teacher, a church treasurer, and a deacon.  His people skills were amazing.  He had a gift for touching people deeply.  They came to him with their hurts and needs.  I always loved to hear my father pray.  His prayers were humble and filled with grace and kindness.  He passed away in 1998 and I still miss him greatly.  Several years before he passed away, I was able to tell him how much he had been used of the Lord to shape me for ministry.  He wept as I thanked him profusely for being the dad that he had always been.  I could only hope that every son or daughter who has enjoyed a good parent would have the opportunity to do the same.  People like dad need to know the difference they have made.  Don’t we all?

Dan Wooldridge

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