In Northern Israel there is the amazing area of Tel Dan. You should know that a tel is a term for an ancient mound where a city once stood. The area of Tel Dan was already developed when Abraham first arrived in the Land of Promise. In fact there are ancient gates to the mound of Laish that have been unearthed and actually face toward the East in the direction that Abraham would have traveled from as he made his way into the land. It is suggested that he likely passed through those gates. The history of the Bible is etched deeply into the landscape of Israel and Jordan. Those who try to claim that the Bible is mythological are either uninformed or willfully ignorant of the incredible amount of archeological support for the historicity of Scripture.
There in the area of Tel Dan flows the mighty Dan River. It is fed from the heights of Mount Hermon. Hermon is a snow capped mountain in the northern reaches of Israel. The rushing and gushing clear waters are the main source of the Sea of Galilee and hence the Jordan River. Another source is found at Banias. Here in the tribal lands of Dan conquered and taken from the people of the ancient city of Laish, we can view the remains of the northernmost city of Israel in the time of the twelve tribes. Here Israel pursued idolatry with vigor, and an ancient altar stands as a reminder of the sin that brought down the Northern Kingdom during the divided Hebrew monarchy. This is a beautiful and well watered area of forests, flowers, and streams. One could think of the absolute delight it must have been to those who arrived here from the deserts to the East and South across Jordan. The beauty of the area only heightens the tragedy of a people who should have glorified God, but instead worshiped idols. One might consider the fact that we to live in a wonderful land. Who or what do we worship?

Dan Wooldridge

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