Taking Your Stand

In the Baptist tradition we put great emphasis on a public profession of faith.  We believe that at some point in your life you need to stand before a community of faith and say “I choose Jesus!”  Whether you say the words or someone says them for you, the principle is biblical and practical.  Jesus invited people to follow him openly.  Even secret disciples like Nicodemas and Joseph of Arimathea could not remain secret.  They openly asked for the body of Jesus for burial.  Because they did, the glorious miracle of the resurrection was made even more noticeable to friend and foe alike.  Some Baptists are backing away from calling for public responses.  I disagree with this trend.  Baptism itself is a public response.  It is an open confession that Jesus is worthy of our humble obedience.  We are publicly identifying with his death, burial and resurrection in the act of baptism.  We are also revealing our desire to lay down our lives for him in order to rise anew with him in a life of discipleship.  If we ever back away from asking people to take a stand for Christ, we will soon become a footnote in the history of Christianity.  As for me, I say to all who will listen “Stand up for Jesus, take your stand, state your faith, He is worthy!”

Dan Wooldridge

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