Taking it to the Streets

We are long past the days when people move to town looking for a church to attend.  Although there are still many who do so, they are in the minority.  The American churches have become good at building attractive buildings, promoting attractive events, and mirroring the culture in order to have contact with the population.  I am fine with buildings that glorify the Lord and events that communicate the good news of Jesus.  Mirroring the culture will actually do more harm than good.  When we are indistinguishable from the world, we cease to be salt and light.  There is another option.  We must take the message back to the streets.  Jesus was not crucified in a Cathedral between two candles but on a cross between two thieves.  He was crucified by the side of a road in a place where soldiers cursed and gambled and religious people behaved like the common rabble.  His message is needed in the state house and in the school house.  His message is needed in the marketplace and in the metroplex.  If we do not take His message back to the streets, the day is rapidly coming when most of our churches will be more like museums than houses of worship.  I have to go now.  I am needed in the streets.

Dan Wooldridge

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