Support gifts continued

Faith, discernment, wisdom, and knowledge are also support or equipping gifts.  These gifts involve less vocal instruction or active ministry, but provide vital input to the effectiveness of the church.  All believers need faith.  Faith is necessary for salvation.  Some believers have a gift of faith.  They get glimpses of what God can and will bring to pass.  They help the church move forward. 

Discernment is the capacity to test teachings or teachers.  It is the capacity to see through the fog that often surrounds a particular decision and weigh the decision in the light of God’s word.  Discerment is similar to intuition, but a key difference is the empowering of the Holy Spirit and the application of the Word of God.

Wisdom is the practical application of truth.  It is not only knowing what is right, but knowing what to do.  Wisdom was clearly seen in the solution to a conflict recorded in Acts 6.  All of the first deacons had Greek names.  The complaints of the Greek speaking widows would be dealt with by some of their own kind who clearly would not neglect them.  This wisdom went beyond parity to self giving love.

The gift of knowledge is seen in those who have the capacity to be a walking reservoir of information.  They readily receive and grasp truth.  This would be more than Scriptural truth.  These people just always seem to know things.  They may not be speakers, but they are incredible resources of information.

Thank God for those who know what should be done, could be done, and how to do it.  Thank God for those who just know and can lead the Church toward the best sources of information.

Dan Wooldridge

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