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I have had surprising feedback from the message I brought Sunday night.  I called it “A Jonah Moment” and took it from Jesus referring to the response of Ninevah to Jonah and his reference to the sign of Jonah.  I then stated that like Ninevah we may be on the edge of disaster as a nation.  We may be standing at a “Jonah moment” in our history.  I then outlined six maxims that are commonly believed in our nation.  They are particularly believed among our young people and young adults.  I stated that even some of today’s preaching in churches caters to, rather than challenges, these maxims.  I will now state the maxims that I pointed out.

1. A New Gnosticism – One of the first great challenges to the Christian faith was called Gnosticism.  All of the elements of Gnosticism are present today.  Some bible scholars are nothing but modern gnostics and they are writing prolifically to propagate their message.                                                                                 

2. Materialism – We are in a mess culturally because of materialism gone mad.  It is even encouraged in subtle ways by many under the guise of Christian teaching.

3. Self-centeredness – This is not new, but it is now axiomatic.  Previous generations recognized this as less than desirable.  Many novels in the past exposed the fallacies of self-centeredness.  Now it is encouraged almost as a religious truth.

4. Universalism – All beliefs are of equal worth.  No truths are absolute.

5. Entitlement – We all deserve the very best.  The world owes us prosperity and security and someone needs to deliver it.

6. Feelings First – The way to decide if anything should be done is to trust your feelings.  Do what you feel no matter what.

I am praying about turning this message into a series of six messages.  I am studying my calendar to determine the dates.  Will you pray for me?  Let me know what you think.

Dan Wooldridge

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  1. Pastor Dan I think this is right on the money so to speak. I will pray for you regarding turning this into a six part series. I think it would be Awesome.

    I eagerly await for God’s will on this. I pray he inspires more messages from the six maxims..

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