Somewhere Out There

Somewhere out there, someone needs to know that God cares.  That he actually notices our lives.  Somewhere someone feels lonely and forgotten.  The Scripture repeatedly testifies to a God who is interested and desires to be involved in our individual lives.  Those who prefer to see God is distant and not so concerned with the petty problems of individuals can find no support in Scripture. 

If you are that someone today, let me give you some ways God can make Himself known to you.

1. Scripture – Never stop reading the bible.  Read it prayerfully.  The Word is alive.  God can illuminate His Word and speak a personal word to you.  Countless times He has warned me, encouraged me, guided me, strengthened me, and revitalized me through the pages of Scripture.

2. The Church – Get among God’s people.  Find a church that is serious about their faith.  God touches us in countless ways through the Body of Christ, the church.

3. Prayer – Talk to God as you would talk to a friend.  Tell Him you really need to know that He cares.  Numerous times in my life I have reached out to someone only to hear them say, “God sent you.  I was just praying today that God would send someone.” 

4. Happenings – God speaks through His created order.  The Bible says “The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” (Psalm 19)  Countless occurrences in nature and daily life speak to us if we only have eyes to see and ears to hear.  I had been meditating on Isaiah 35:6 as I prepared to preach about the man who was healed at the Beautiful gate of the Temple recorded in Acts 3.  This verse foretells that the lame will leap like a deer when the Messiah comes.  As I drove to church to deliver my message.  A young buck came bounding out of the woods.  He was leaping from yard to yard back and forth across my path.  He made every turn that I made and escorted me all the way to the church.  He then bound across the church parking lot and out of sight.  I had never seen a deer on the church parking lot in over fourteen years of being pastor there.  This was a large four point buck.  I laughed and cried as I thought about the way God prepared my heart to tell of a man who when healed of a lifetime of lameness was “walking and jumping and praising God.”  Yes, God is interested in our lives.

Dan Wooldridge

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