“JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER.” So much has changed in the years since I first began my journey of following Jesus. I can hardly recognize the culture of America. Some things are a little better, but many things are in decline. The decline of the values and way of life of the American people is heart breaking, but some things never change. People are still being drawn to Jesus. I have many opportunities to talk to hungry and thirsty souls who are seeking the satisfaction that only Jesus can give. Just yesterday I heard the testimony of two people who were hungry for God and eager to follow Jesus. Sin still brings misery and destruction. People may disregard God’s laws and trample on his Word, but ultimately they do not break his commandments, his commandments break them. Sin always comes with a price. The good news is that when some lie broken on the ground they finally look up. God is still on the throne. The world is not out of his control no matter how chaotic it may appear. I was amazed to hear the Prime Minister of Israel recount the story of Esther in his recent visit to the U. S. He stated an understanding of his place in history in Biblical terms. When was the last time you heard an American leader do that. God is speaking to us in the unfolding drama of history. One of the things he is saying is actually recorded in the Scripture. “Surely I come quickly!” Let us respond, “Even so, Come Lord Jesus.”

Dan Wooldridge

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