“Quiet please!”  The librarian often pleaded to me in days of youth.  It seems as if that same admonition comes to me these days from a heavenly source.  Jesus set a powerful example of the need for solitude.  In a noisy, busy world quiet must be sought after.  In cities and sprawling suburbs, it can be rare.  Jesus found quiet places and prayed; sometimes all night.  Find a quiet place in your life and seek out the silence.  The silence of which I am speaking is not the silence of loneliness.  It is a holy hush.  A place where God is so very real that the only appropriate response is to be quiet.  “The Lord is in His holy temple let all the earth keep silence before Him.”  That’s the kind of quiet we are looking for.  In the places of solitude great anthems of praise are heard in the soul and then recorded in written form.  Visions come to us in solitude.  High resolve has a fighting chance.  Commitments are not lightly or carelessly voiced in the place of silence.  They rise up from the place of solitude with a rush of divine power.  It was from the garden’s solitude that Jesus burst forth with such strength that soldiers stumbled over one another in the face of his boldness.  “Whom are you seeking!”  “I am He!”  Do you really want to change?  Quiet please!  Seek holy solitude.

Dan Wooldridge

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