Sick day

In thirty-seven years of working with churches, I have rarely missed a day because of sickness.  In fact  if I had accumulated sick leave from year to year, I could easily retire.   God has blessed me with unusually good health over the years, and I thank Him.  I am not sure who actually reads this blog.  There are quite a number who tell me that they do.  At any rate, it is good therapy for me to write it.  Many times over the years I have made attempts at journaling.  Journaling is a very helpful way of observing over time what God has been doing in and around your life.  I strongly recommend that you consider keeping some kind of record of what is going on in your life.  Be careful to note those things that are of great importance spiritually.  In reality our life is far more spiritual than it is physical.  The physical part of life is mostly reflex.  It is in the realm of the will, the emotions, the thoughts, the dreams, the commitments, and various beliefs that life really happens.  I have years and years of daily planners through which I can trace ministry events and activities.  I have huge files of correspondence and programs that serve as a history of personal interaction.  I also have vast quantities of recorded sermons and written outlines of messages that I have shared over the years.  There are quite a number of journal entries mixed into all of this.  God has given me an unusual capacity to remember things so that even a brief note brings forward a complete picture of an event in the past.

My purpose in conveying all of this information is to challenge you to find a way to develop a personal history.  Part of the richness of this activity is that you can readily observe the hand of God at work in your life.  To be sure there are sorrows to be recalled as well as failures, but that only makes God’s kindness more apparent.

This blog is becoming for me yet another way of journaling.  It provides an opportunity to clarify my thoughts and share with others the things the Lord allows me to see.   Already this additional way of touching lives has produced fruit.  It is good to be at home sick and still serve my Savior.

Dan Wooldridge

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