Serving and Sharing

It has been a while since I shared the story of the stained glass windows on Williams Drive.  Crestview had been forced in the late eighties to build the sanctuary extending back onto the lot instead of toward the street.  Williams had been a two lane farm to market road before it was widened to five lanes.  In 1999 we were building our newest building which doubled our space.  We chose to build between two existing wings with the length of the building turned parallel to Williams.  This allowed us to build a building somewhat larger than our sanctuary in a space that was formerly eliminated as a site due to the intention to build a structure perpendicular to the street. 

 Now the question that arose in our plans was how to make this building look like a house of worship.  The answer was to do some really nice stained glass.  We determined not to make the stained glass look like something from the past.  We wanted to make a statement about the difference Jesus can make today.  These windows were not focused on people inside the building, but rather upon the thousands who pass every day.  The center window is a cross.  It is not, however, a cross that speaks of death.  Though it certainly reminds us that Jesus died for us, the message is a burst of light, an unfurled shroud, and a grapevine.  The shroud of course reminds us that He arose and that they found His shroud in the tomb.  The grapevine speaks of the fruit of His Spirit that is present in His people.  If you look carefully you will notice that the windows on either end of the building have elements of the unfurled shroud and grapevine in them.  The burst of light reminds us that Jesus is “The true light that gives light to every man.” (John 1:9)  You will notice also that the people depicted in the smaller windows on either end of the building are dressed in contemporary clothing.  The message is that the Christian life is about the present.  Our faith is not simply a backward looking faith.  We look around and see the work of Christ today.  We also look to the future with great hope.  The window to the West shows ministry, a cup of cold water in Jesus’s name.  The window to the East shows witness, a word from God’s Word shared with a child.  In summary the message is serving and sharing.  A number of people have walked into my office through the years and reported that the windows inspired them to come in and seek to have their spiritual needs met.  That is exactly what we prayed for.  Pray that God will continue to speak to the thousands who pass by each day.

Dan Wooldridge

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