Service gifts

In Mark 9:35 Jesus answers the question of who should be first in His kingdom by saying that those who are the servant of all are first.  Far from being lesser gifts, service gifts are vital to the church.  Without the service gifts things just will not get done.  Serving the Lord reveals Jesus in unspoken ways that make an eternal difference.

The gifts of administration and leadership are in this category.  Some people can cast a vision, but do not know how to move toward fulfilling it.  Without the cooperation of those who administrate and lead, a vision is only a dream which never comes to pass. 

Ministry, service, and helps are gifts that involve time and effort.  Those so gifted seem almost unaware of the greatness of their investment.  They insure that the church has a practical impact on the lives of people and not merely an intellectual or philosophical one.  Exhortation or encouragement is the gift of lifting spirits.  Those so gifted can rouse people to overcome challenges and continue to serve the Lord.  They also have a way of leading people to make important decisions by providing clarity.

Mercy, giving, and hospitality are all expressions of God’s welcoming heart.  Those who show mercy have a way of personalizing the Lord’s love and care to others.  People gifted in giving always seem to have something to give.  The truly gifted giver desires no recognition and is often anonymous in their gifts.  Hospitality is friendly space.  It can involve having people into one’s home and at one’s table, but it may also be expressed by simply making people feel acceptance and importance.

The Holy Spirit gives all of the gifts to edify the church and to magnify Jesus Christ.

Dan Wooldridge

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