Doing missions in Mexico from Kingsville was like going next door.  In two hours we could be across the border at any one of several crossings.  We worked in Valladolid, Miguel Aleman, Monterrey, Queretaro, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros, and San Fernando.  In Ciudad Victoria we planted a thriving church which has become one of the strongest evangelical churches in the city.  We made a trip back there with a group from Georgetown and saw the fruit of that planting.  These trips helped me to become confident in Spanish and witnessing in Spanish is something I can do to this day.  I have on several occasions preached in Spanish.  In each case I have found that the Holy Spirit helps me to share the Word in ways that I could not do in a regular conversation.  I always think of the power of Pentecost when I am in these situations.  I am aware of hundreds of conversions as a result of these trips.  I am also aware of numerous Christian leaders who have been raised up from among both those going on these trips and among those that were reached.  On quite a number of these trips we were accompanied by Isaac Torres.  Isaac is a legend in South Texas.  He is still living and still winning people to Christ.  Dozens of pastors were reached for Christ through his witness.  In the Kingsville area alone I am aware of three pastors that he personally led to Christ.  My years of association with this one of a kind soul winner made a profound impact on my own witness and revealed to me clearly how powerful the gospel truly is.  In addition to Mexico, Isaac was a key reason for my trip to preach in Communist Cuba and a trip I made in 1998 to preach in numerous churches in Sidney Australia.  Who could have imagined that Mexico would help open up the world to me in regards to missions?  Each step of the journey is packed with possibilities for new and exciting adventures that open before us.

Dan Wooldridge


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