Seeing Jesus

   “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.”  So said the Greeks who came to the Feast of the Passover very close to the time of the crucifixion. (John 12:21)  It was one audience that Jesus did not directly grant.  Instead He launched into a teaching about one seed dying so that many seeds can be produced.  What did He mean?  At least one meaning that should be taken from this passage is that Jesus was about to multiply His ministry by dying for us.  This He would do by the victory of the resurrection and the sending of the Holy Spirit.  There is one factor that must not be overlooked in this.  The Holy Spirit indwells those who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  We are called to give audience to a world that wants to see Jesus.  It is a daunting task to be sure.  We are to so be filled with the presence of Jesus Christ that when people spend time with us they are to in some measure be aware that there is something different about our lives.   That something, in reality, is someone; Jesus.  Christ wants to make Himself known through us.  He wants people to see Him fleshed out again in human flesh; our flesh.  The hand on their shoulder may be ours, but the heart behind the hand should be His.  How can this be?  The key is in our prayer life.  We should spend more time praying that Christ could indwell us by His Spirit.  Our list of needs that we so often lift to Him are not nearly as fundamental to the life we desire as is His own presence in us.  Sometimes His means of meeting our needs will be found in a more dynamic and powerful experience of His life in us.  When people come to Christians for answers, there should be a sense that Christ is so real to us, and in us, that he cannot be reduced to an academic pursuit. 

How else can you explain the impact of the Apostles than to affirm that their message was more than words?  Transformed lives speak louder than words.

Dan Wooldridge

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