Seeing Faces in the Crowd

       Jesus was always noticing one person in the midst of crowds.  Whether it was one sick woman who touched the hem of this garment, or one lonely man who climbed a tree, or one blind beggar who wouldn’t be silenced, Jesus showed us love in action and helped us see the importance of one life.  When you pray for me, ask God to help me learn the wonder of the one and the many.  What I mean by that is the real challenge of not being so caught up in the many that I miss the one.  Whenever Jesus focused on one, there were inevitably others in the crowd who also wanted His attention.  Somehow He knew where to focus.  Any of us who would follow Him need that same awareness.  Lives are changed one by one.  Jesus changes them.  He uses all of us who love and serve Him to communicate His Word and His presence to people one by one.  I believe that churches need a healthy dose of the ability to see one among the many.  Churches also need more people who can put self aside and invest in the lives of others.  In my own experience, my needs are met as I make myself available to help meet the needs of others.  One of our senior adults said it well.  “When I am feeling lonely or sad, I pray and ask God to lead me to someone whom I can encourage and bless.  As I encourage and bless others, I feel the presence and the joy of the Lord.”

Let us go and do likewise.

Dan Wooldridge

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